1. Sorrow
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The first single from HAIQEEM's upcoming album "Scars, Made My Body Suffer..." #10 itunes (Metal).
Genre: Pop/Rock, Heavy Metal, Trap, J-Rock
Written by: Anna Tsuchiya, Sash Kuzuma, Lena Katina, and Steven Lee


From the sunset, sky of the east
Along with the violent, shadows & you came here

When chains were nailed down to this raw flesh of mine
And when the tears of blood splattered the sky red

I laid down to bloody ground
My wings were torn from me
I became a LUCIFER
An angel that I could not fly

Scars make my body suffer
I just want someone to rely on
But no one’s here LUCIFER

I was deceived by your sweet words and I couldn’t even hate you
I wear a mask of sorrow
Mask of sorrow…
Your tongues crawl up my body and I become hardened with lies
I become hardened with lies

My heart has been shut out
All I want is just true love
If only I get my wings back
I can fly away up there